45 (<1)
phpstan-exception-rules v0.4.3 — PHPStan rules for checked & unchecked exceptions
930 (<1)
safe v0.1.11 — All PHP functions, rewritten to throw exceptions instead of returning false
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399 (<1)
lern 4.5.0 — LERN is a Laravel 5 package that will record exceptions into a database and will notify you via Email, Pushover or Slack.
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445 (<1)
Laravel-Exceptions v11.1.0 — Provides a powerful error response system for Laravel 5
116 (<1)
tissue — Create Github issues from your code's Exceptions
171 (<1)
fDOMDocument — An Extension to PHP's standard DOM to add various convinience methods and exceptions by default
280 (<1)
learn-you-php — Learn You PHP! - An introduction to PHP's core features: i/o, http, arrays, exceptions and so on.
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299 (<1)
table-flip — Not the exceptions we need, but the ones we deserve.
34 (<1)
corner — Exceptions and Errors made more user-friendly
7 (<1)
php7ify — php7ify is a polyfill project that brings new php7 classes and exceptions to php 5.x

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