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whatsappmultiadder — Creates Google contacts csv that helps to add bulk list of mobile numbers to a Whatsapp group chat.
PrestaGoogleAnalyticsDashboardBundle — [WIP] register to our google group to now more about this bundles
3 — Web Site Google Developers Group Asunción
bbp-import-google-group — bbPress Import Google Group
site-gdg-bh — Official GDG-BH's (Google Developers Group - Belo Horizonte) website.
Group-Planner — Helps you plan events for members of your group. Integrates with Google Calendar for the events list.
prescription-app — Entry for Google Developers Group Philippines HackFair 2015
MrRuiz/library — Tech Test : We have provided a group of tables that we would like you to use to create a very simple book library API from scratch (please see attachment) . This task is designed to get an understanding of your ability to go from an idea to a fully working application in a short space of time. Task 1) Register a new domain with the word ‘library’ in it somewhere 2) Build an API utilising PHP/MYSQL for a simple library application. The application should be able to execute the following: - List books. - List books by category. - Get book data by name/id. - Updates and Deletes. (Optional) 3) Build a basic UI that will interact with the API Once the task is complete the API should be fully working for us to test on the new domain. Hints: - Avoid frameworks. This task is demonstrate your understanding and ability to build simple effective raw applications. - feel free to use any public resources to help you. i.e, google,, this is not a test of your ability to remember function names and parameter order! - We have not added any indexes or relations to the tables, you can modify the tables in any way you see fit Notes: - Please use version control so we can review the evolution of the code in detail. Using something like github is an easy way of doing this. - We understand that registering a domain will cost a small amount of money for which we are happy to reimburse you, up to a maximum of £20 - You will not be required to keep this online past the time that we have reviewed everything, so using a free host, or if you have your own server already is fine
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