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laravel-imap — Laravel IMAP is an easy way to integrate the native php imap library into your Laravel app.
purl — Simple cUrl PHP replacement library for hostings, which are not supporting native cUrl like Google App Engine
php-appengine-search — Native Full Text Search for PHP on Google App Engine
Full-text search
worona-wp-plugin — Turn your WordPress site into a native app.
cushymoco — a shop-agnostic native mobile app framework for e-commerce shops like OXID, Magento and Shopware
php-socket-server — An app that runs as a service. I made an API to interprete commands and return message back. It's really usefull to work with non-native PC's hardware, such as Arduino, Raspberry pi, pyMCU or your own harware with ethernet interface
sonos-app — An alternative to the sonos app which runs on a local raspberry pi. Built as I didn't like the native queue on Sonos devices.
DJ_Democracy — Music Voting App that allows voting for music from a local database from a computer or phone native or web app to be played through a device connected to speakers
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