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device-detector 3.10.2 — The Universal Device Detection library will parse any User Agent and detect the browser, operating system, device used (desktop, tablet, mobile, tv, cars, console, etc.), brand and model.
Similar Browser detection device
php-browser-detector — Browser, Operating System (OS), Device, and Language Detection PHP Library
Similar Browser detection
modman-php — PHP implementation for modman, to use it on every operating system with PHP support (also Windows)
eos — Equation Operating System
Secure-random-bytes-in-PHP — This code provides a function to generate ,lightweight, cryptographically secure random bytes in all versions of PHP. It makes use of different secure functions or operating system randomness. If non is available then a clock drift algorithm is used to generate entropy. The function is tested in Ubuntu/Debian Linux, Sun Solaris and Windows XP/2003.
corebos — core Business Operating System
JOSHUA — jQuery Operating System, HUA!
indigo — Indigo operating system
asg — This is a content management system that merges concepts from multiplayer games, operating systems, wikis, link aggregators, feed readers, and more! Features: * OOP/MySQL/PHP/HTML/CSS/JS/Jquery/scrollTo+LocalScroll/Ace editor/Notifier.js * Documents organized in tree hierarchy, each document can act as directory * Every edit of a document saves a new revision with the old document * Chat integrated (chat notifies of cms events, uses long polling) * Aspect oriented (aspects can be toggled with commands or in sets- a user's aspect can be refreshed from the server by setting an aspect_preference variable to 2 (0 means off, 1 means on, 2 means needs refresh) * Command line (defaults to chat input, commands begin with forward slash) * Bots (Bot commands can be added as easily as adding a document in the appropriate place, bots can execute code. Bots respond to users they are focused on, when active.) * User-selectable stylesheets + individual css rules (styles are editable within the CMS, individual style rules are applied after loading style, added with /set body background black) * Easy to add new commands (/addcom) (commands are stored in CMS as javascript and loaded at runtime) * All aspects and commands are listed with /help * Aspects are remembered between sessions (ie: looks the way you left it) * All aspects, documents, commands, and users have access levels * Uses Ace editor for editing documents * DB info stored in database/config.php - run the .sql then login with admin/admin * Integrated link aggregator with full cache (fetches link with wget) * Integrated RSS feed parser and db of over 200 feeds * One aspect is called the 'metabrowser' which is an iframe that loads a URL on command (usage: /bload http://reddit.com or /meta) .. the url is also remembered between sessions. * There is an interesting JS function called 'simcom' which simulates a user typing into the command line- works for both commands and chat messages. Usage: asgConfig.simcom('chat message or command!')
ConsoleTVs/Identify — Laravel 5 Package to identify a User's Browser, Operating System, Language and Device, forked from unicodeveloper/laravel-identify
Similar Browser detection

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