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HackMe-SQL-Injection-Challenges — Hack your friend's online MMORPG game - specific focus, sql injection opportunities
testenv — A collection of web pages vulnerable to SQL injection flaws
so-sql-injections — SQL injection vulnerabilities in Stack Overflow PHP questions
sqlite-lab — This code is vulnerable to SQL Injection and having SQLite database. For SQLite database, SQL Injection payloads are different so it is for fun. Just enjoy it \m/
SQLol — A configurable SQL injection test-bed
Local-file-disclosure-SQL-Injection-Lab — This is sample code to demonstrate how one can use SQL Injection vulnerability to download local file from server in specific condition. If you have any doubt, ping me at https://twitter.com/IndiShell1046 :)
drupalgeddon — Examples of common attack vectors and defenses against the drupalgeddon SQL injection vulnerability
Garcon — A taint analysis tool for vulnerabilities in PHP scripts. Currently supports SQL injection, command line injection and persistent XSS.
FatCat-SQL-Injector- — This is an automatic SQL Injection tool called as FatCat , Use of FatCat for testing your web application and exploit your application more deeper. FatCat Features that help you to extract the Database information, Table information, and Column information from web application. Only If it is vulnerable to SQL Injection Vulnerability.
sql-injection-training-app — A simple PHP application that can be used to demonstrate and train participants to detect and exploit SQL Injection vulnerabilities.
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