static method

staticmock — A mockery-like DSL to replace static method in test.
Hackathon_StaticAssetsCache — Static assets, browser caches, HTTP headers which are an utter mess, CDNs and changing designs on websites... it all adds up to create an utter mess for anyone trying to deploy major changes to UI components of a website. CLS has built a customization which we include on all of our builds to version the combined CSS/JS assets used on a site (unfortunately it's not isolated and wouldn't make a good base for this). This has proved to be a major help. No waiting on a CDN to purge itself and no wondering how many clients are still seeing an old CSS file which may no longer match the current DOM structure. Extending this to reach all assets would be a stellar addition to core and benefit all merchants. Even something as simple as a timestamp stored in a cache record and then included URLs spit out to browsers would be an improvement. The trick is figuring out what method to use which works across all asset types, is compatible with origin CDN setups and is also reliable.
PHP-Static-Validator — Simple PHP Validator that allows chain validate conditions in one static method
spiral/tokenizer — Static Analysis tool for PHP: class and function/method Invocation locator, php code blocks isolation
kohkimakimoto/StaticProxy — StaticProxy provides static interface to an instance method.

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