EEHarbor/Manifest — ExpressionEngine configuration through enviro...

16 (0)
EEHarbor/Manifest — ExpressionEngine configuration through environment variables
4 (0)
tarraschk/CakePHP-Environment — Auto-detect environment based on specific server environment variables, and allow per environment configuration and environment emulation.
4 (0)
Config-Variables-Plugin — Access ExpressionEngine 2 Config Variables
11 (0)
craft.envy — Distributed environment configuration for Craft
Similar environment configuration
7 (0)
expressionengine-bootstrap — Custom configuration and deployment bootstrap for ExpressionEngine
7489 (<1)
phpdotenv v2.5.0 — Loads environment variables from `.env` to `getenv()`, `$_ENV` and `$_SERVER` automagically.
Similar Config environment variables
18 (<1)
magento-config-envvars — Use environment variables in your Magento local.xml configuration file
17 (0)
yii2-environment — Environment class for Yii 2, used to set configuration for console and web apps depending on the server environment.
29 (<1)
yii-environment — Environment-based configuration class (for example in development, testing, staging and production).
Similar YII
125 (<1)
wordpress-12factor — WordPress, the Twelve-Factor way: fully managed using Composer and configured using environment variables.
Similar environment variables

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