Laravel-Excel — Supercharged Excel exports in Laravel

5641 (<1)
Laravel-Excel 3.0.10 — Supercharged Excel exports in Laravel
Similar Excel Laravel
51 (<1)
Laravel-Nova-Excel 1.0.3 — Supercharged Excel exports for Laravel Nova Resources
460 (<1)
simple-excel-php — Simplexcel.php - Read/convert/write between Microsoft Excel XML/CSV/TSV/HTML/JSON/etc formats with ease
Similar Excel
362 (<1)
ExcelBundle — Excel integration in Symfony2 thanks to library
Similar Excel
752 (<1)
PHP_XLSXWriter — Lightwight XLSX Excel Spreadsheet Writer in PHP
Similar Excel xlsx
7 (<1)
simple-excel — Library for quick Excel imports and exports
500 (<1)
php_excel — PHP Extension interface to the Excel writing/reading library
Similar Excel
172 (<1)
laravel-newrelic — Laravel NewRelic ServiceProvider
Similar Laravel
260 (<1)
php-export-data — PHP class to export data in CSV, TSV, or Excel XML (aka SpreadsheeML) format to a file or directly to the browser
Similar Excel
447 (<1)
spreadsheet-reader — A PHP spreadsheet reader (Excel XLS and XLSX, OpenOffice ODS, and variously separated text files) with a singular goal of getting the data out, efficiently
Similar Excel xlsx

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