laravel-filemanager — Media gallery with CKEditor, TinyMCE and Summ...

769 (<1)
laravel-filemanager v2.0.0-alpha4 — Media gallery with CKEditor, TinyMCE and Summernote support. Built on Laravel file system.
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8 (0)
file-gallery — File Gallery
158 (<1)
FMElfinderBundle 8.0.3 — :file_folder: ElFinderBundle provides ElFinder integration with TinyMCE, CKEditor, Summernote editors
8 (0)
bp-tinymce — TinyMCE for BuddyPress
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3 (<1)
Wordpress-Media-Gallery-Video-Support — A plugin for Wordpress to support videos from YouTube and Vimeo in the Media Library
383 (<1)
laravel-mediable 2.7.3 — Laravel-Mediable is a package for easily uploading and attaching media files to models with Laravel 5.
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24 (<1)
Web-File-Manager-and-Gallery — A single-file web management system
4 (0)
tinymce-fileupload — File upload plugin for TinyMCE, based on the jQuery File Upload plugin
8 (0)
file-watcher — Library for watching for file system changes
Similar File System
7 (<1)
tweedegolf/media-bundle — Media manager bundle for Symfony2 and tinyMCE

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