twill — Twill is an open source CMS toolkit for Larav...

419 (+5)
twill 1.1.0 — Twill is an open source CMS toolkit for Laravel that helps developers rapidly create a custom admin console that is intuitive, powerful and flexible. 
2800 (<1)
pyrocms v3.4.15 — Pyro is an experienced and powerful PHP CMS built lovingly for Laravel.
Similar CMS
336 (<1)
Laravel-Open-Source-Projects — A Web Artisan list of categorized OPEN SOURCE PROJECTS built with Laravel PHP Framework.
Similar Laravel
88 (0)
parsimony — Parsimony is an open source Content Management Framework for Web designers & Web developers.
Similar CMS
34 (<1)
laravel-console-task v1.0.6 — Laravel Console Task is a output method for Laravel Console Commands.
Similar Console
618 (<1)
Laravel-Backpack/Base 0.9.6 — Laravel Backpack's base package, which offers admin authentication and a blank admin panel using AdminLTE
Similar Admin Interfaces admin
4 (0)
Hyip-Developers — Hyip Developers is an open-source HYIP Manager script written on PHP using Yii-Framework.
39 (0)
magento-admin-launcher — An intuitive and powerful launcher for Magento admin panel
33 (<1)
exodusanto/Laravel-Admin v5.6.6 — Laravel-Admin is the new version of Laravel-Administrator of Frozennode
Similar Admin Interfaces Laravel

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