php-resque — PHP port of resque (Workers and Queueing)

3287 (<1)
php-resque — PHP port of resque (Workers and Queueing)
Similar Redis Job queue resque
31 (0)
vend/php-resque — PHP port of resque (Workers and Queueing)
140 (<1)
php-resque-ex — PHP port of resque (Workers and Queueing), with phpredis support, and more logging options
Similar Redis
4 (0)
resque-php — A port of the resque gem in PHP 5.3
32 (<1)
resque/php-resque v1.3.3 — An implementation of Resque in PHP.
14 (0)
php-resque-retry — A php-resque plugin; provides retry, delay and exponential backoff support to php-resque jobs. A port of the resque-retry plugin for PHP.
30 (0)
php-resque-pool — Quickly fork, monitor, and change a pool resque workers, ported from the ruby resque-pool
12 (<1)
php-resque/resque — An extensible PHP library for Resque and background job management
3 (<1)
php-resque-monitoring — php-resque-monitoring
8 (0)
glit/php-resque — PHP port of the ruby resque library. And some enhancement to delegate instanciation of job (usefull to work with the Symfony2 DIC for exemple).

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