tax — A PHP 5.5+ tax library.

210 (<1)
tax v0.8 — A PHP 5.5+ tax library.
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37 (<1)
taxjar-php v1.8.0 — Sales Tax API Client for PHP 5.5+
6 (0)
italian-tax-calculator — A simple calculator to estimate the tax due based on the Italian tax brackets (scaglioni), deductions (detrazioni), and pension contributions (INPS)
7 (0)
magento-grouped-product-tax-fix — Small extension to fix a Magento v2.x issue with showing grouped products including tax
22 (<1)
codice-fiscale v0.3.0 — A PHP library to calculate and check the italian tax code (codice fiscale).
9 (<1)
AvaTax-REST-V2-PHP-SDK — Sales Tax API SDK for PHP and AvaTax REST

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