laravel-love — It lets people express how they feel about th...

272 (<1)
laravel-love 5.1.1 — It lets people express how they feel about the content. React on Eloquent models with Likes or Dislikes.
4 (0)
eloquent-addons — Addons for Eloquent models
88 (<1)
cybercog/laravel-likeable 3.1.0 — Rate Eloquent models with Likes and Dislikes in Laravel. Development moved to Laravel Love package!
5 (0)
p2-likes — "P2 Likes" is a way to give positive feedback on threads you care about on P2.
11 (<1)
important-people — Quickly determine who are the most influential people talking about a particular search term on Twitter.
3 (<1)
NathanHeffley/laravel-react — An extremely simple site intended to show how to use the new React preset in Laravel 5.5. Read about it on my blog!
18 (<1)
express 2.9.5 — Express installation profile
15 (<1)
php-wake-on-lan-react — Turn on your PC with Wake-On-LAN (WOL) requests via React PHP
105 (<1)
eloquent-viewable v2.3.0 — Associate views with Eloquent models in Laravel
22 (<1)
laravel-eloquent-filters — Apply filters on laravel eloquent models easy

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