reflection — The Doctrine Reflection project is a simple l...

657 (<1)
reflection v1.0.0 — The Doctrine Reflection project is a simple library used by the various Doctrine projects which adds some additional functionality on top of the reflection API that comes with PHP. It allows you to get the reflection information about classes, methods and properties statically.
8 (<1)
Speicher210/Reflection — Library on top of PHP Reflection with some extra helper methods and a more powerfull PHP DocBlock and annotation tags reflection
60 (<1)
phpDocumentor/Reflection 4.0.0-alpha4 — Reflection library to do Static Analysis for PHP Projects
14 (<1)
trex-reflection — Reflection helpers
1661 (<1)
migrations v2.0.0-beta1 — Doctrine Database Migrations Library
Similar Doctrine
24 (<1)
reflection-docblock — Fork of phpdocumentor/reflection-docblock to work with the api-documentation-generator
Similar DocBlock parsing
76 (<1)
nette/reflection v2.4.2 — [DISCONTINUED] Docblock annotations parser and common reflection classes
Similar DocBlock parsing
3035 (<1)
cache v1.8.0 — Doctrine Cache component
Similar Doctrine
7 (0)
fsi-open/reflection — FSi Reflection Component is an extension of built-in reflection classes in PHP 5.3 that saves a lot memory, thanks to factory design pattern.

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