doctrine-mysql-come-back — Doctrine DBAL able to try reconnect on MySQL...

104 (<1)
doctrine-mysql-come-back v1.6.5 — Doctrine DBAL able to try reconnect on MySQL has gone away exceptions
3 (<1)
doctrine-mysql-dbal-extensions — Doctrine DBAL connection wrapper to add some mysql specific semantics. Currently insert on duplicate key update.
3035 (<1)
cache v1.8.0 — Doctrine Cache component
Similar Doctrine
1418 (<1)
DoctrineCacheBundle 1.3.5 — Symfony2 Bundle for Doctrine Cache
Similar Doctrine
1661 (<1)
migrations v2.0.0-beta1 — Doctrine Database Migrations Library
Similar Doctrine
324 (<1)
PHP-MySQL-Class — Simple MySQL class written in PHP, for interfacing with a MySQL database.
Similar MySQL
118 (<1)
Doctrine v3.3.0 — Doctrine 2 ORM integration into Nette Framework
Similar Doctrine
5 (<1)
doctrine-dbal-ibmi — Doctrine DBAL module for DB2 on the IBM i platform

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