simple-excel-php — Simplexcel.php - Read/convert/write between M...

460 (<1)
simple-excel-php — Simplexcel.php - Read/convert/write between Microsoft Excel XML/CSV/TSV/HTML/JSON/etc formats with ease
Similar Excel
3 (<1)
Read-Excel-With-Codeigniter — Read Excel File data with Codeigniter
260 (<1)
php-export-data — PHP class to export data in CSV, TSV, or Excel XML (aka SpreadsheeML) format to a file or directly to the browser
Similar Excel
19 (<1)
php-csv-to-xml-json — Online php script to convert csv files or links to csv files to xml and json
1722 (<1)
spout v2.7.3 — Read and write spreadsheet files (CSV, XLSX and ODS), in a fast and scalable way
Similar Excel xlsx
11 (<1)
json-to-csv-converter — Parse nested JSON file and convert to CSV; Convert YELP dataset to CSV
3 (<1)
xml-to-json — XML to JSON convert in PHP
39 (<1)
revnode/xml — A PHP XML parser that provides an easy way to convert XML into native PHP arrays and back again. No dependencies on external libraries or extensions.
Similar XML xml parser
3 (<1)
csv-to-json — Quick shell script written in php to convert csv files to json
3 (<1)
export-to-excel-or-csv — This file will help you to export a html table to excel or csv file

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