fuzzdb — Dictionary of attack patterns and primitives...

2650 (<1)
fuzzdb — Dictionary of attack patterns and primitives for black-box application fault injection and resource discovery.
Similar Security
38 (<1)
drupalgeddon — Examples of common attack vectors and defenses against the drupalgeddon SQL injection vulnerability
Similar injection attack
119 (<1)
laravel-and-vue.js-spa-Recipe-Box — Single Page Application with Laravel 5.4 and Vue.js 2 - Recipe Box
7 (0)
primitives — Primitives objects are foundation of Objective PHP
64 (<1)
nixawk/fuzzdb — Web Fuzzing Discovery and Attack Pattern Database
Similar Security
4 (0)
knpuniversity/dependency-injection — Screencast code, script and rainbows behind "Dependency Injection and the art of services and containers"
382 (<1)
dependency-injection-example — An introduction to Dependency Injection.
Similar Dependency Injection

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