LexikJWTAuthenticationBundle — JWT authentication for your Symfony REST API

1218 (<1)
LexikJWTAuthenticationBundle v2.6.1 — JWT authentication for your Symfony REST API
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66 (<1)
jwt-auth-bundle 3.1.0 — JWT Authentication Bundle for Symfony REST APIs
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186 (<1)
laravel-jwt — Dead simple, plug and play JWT API Authentication for Laravel (5.4+)
Similar JWT jwt api
235 (<1)
wp-api-jwt-auth 1.2.4 — A simple plugin to add JSON Web Token (JWT) Authentication to WP REST API
Similar JWT
14 (<1)
silex-rest-jwt-skeleton — A skeleton to create API Rest with Silex and JWT authorization
Similar JWT
38 (<1)
simple-jwt-authentication — Extends the WP REST API using JSON Web Tokens Authentication as an authentication method.
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31 (<1)
phalconphp-rest-jwt-acl — Base project for Phalconphp REST JWT and ACL
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243 (<1)
lumen-jwt — Lumen with JWT Authentication, Dingo API and CORS Support
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32 (<1)
Shodan-PHP-REST-API — Advanced PHP5 REST API for Shodan.io
Similar REST
13 (<1)
mesan-laravel-jwt-authentication-api — A PHP Mobile Authentication API with E-mail verification and Phone Verification using Twilio Authy, developed with Laravel 5.4 framework and JWT (JSON Web Tokens) Package.
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