monolog-elasticsearch-logstashformat — This handler lets you put logs into Elastics...

32 (<1)
monolog-elasticsearch-logstashformat — This handler lets you put logs into Elasticsearch in the Logstash format, which makes visualization with Kibana very easy.
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8 (<1)
monolog-elasticsearch — A Monolog handler and formatter that makes use of the official Elasticsearch PHP client
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25 (0)
Kdyby/ElasticSearch v2.0.0 — Integration of Elastica for ElasticSearch into Nette Framework
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3 (<1)
app-elastic-kibana — Kibana for ClearOS (Kibana is a dashboard and analytics tool for Elasticsearch)
3 (<1)
elasticsearch-repository — An elasticsearch readmodel repository for broadway which makes interactive replaying possible
6 (<1)
logs — Quickly check your logs in the Craft 3 utilities section.
7 (0)
zf-elasticsearch — A simple but drop-in zf2 module for the elasticsearch client library.
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36 (0)
PrestaShop-ElasticSearch — PrestaShop integration module with "Elasticsearch"
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194 (<1)
254 (<1)
scout-elasticsearch-driver v3.8.0 — This package offers advanced functionality for searching and filtering data in Elasticsearch.
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