cphalcon — High performance, full-stack PHP framework de...

9410 (<1)
cphalcon — High performance, full-stack PHP framework delivered as a C extension.
Similar Web Framework Phalcon
3 (<1)
high-performance-web-sytems-in-php — Master thesis: High performance web systems in PHP
5 (0)
Prescia — Full-stack high-level LAMP Framework
7 (0)
luminancephp/framework — Modern PHP Framework designed for high-performance web applications
27 (0)
Doozr — The lightweight PHP-Framework for high-performance websites.
15 (<1)
Alex-Api-framework — a high performance with php api Framework based workerman's webServer
243 (<1)
spiral/framework v2.0.0-alpha — High-Performance PHP/Go Framework for modern enterprise application development
659 (<1)
easy-php — A Faster Lightweight Full-Stack PHP Framework :rocket:
4 (0)
knotwerk — A full-stack PHP framework, built as a learning exercise.

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