php-code-coverage — Library that provides collection, processing,...

5345 (<1)
php-code-coverage 6.1.4 — Library that provides collection, processing, and rendering functionality for PHP code coverage information.
Similar Testing
22 (<1)
code-coverage-extension — Code Coverage Extension for Behat
51 (<1)
phpspec-code-coverage v4.2.2 — Generate Code Coverage reports for PhpSpec tests
31 (<1)
behat-code-coverage v3.4.1 — Generate Code Coverage reports for Behat tests
30 (<1)
php-codacy-coverage — Phar for uploading PHP code coverage to Codacy
4 (<1)
php-code-coverage-web — This code demonstrates how to get code coverage for your php code, when it is test through a browser
4 (<1)
hiqdev/php-collection 0.1.0 — Collection library for PHP
21 (<1)
php-coverage-checker — Automated code coverage percentage checking
5 (<1)
php-code-coverage-verifier — PHP Code Coverage Verifier allows you to determine if a change you've just done to your PHP code is being tested/covered by your tests. Never submit code that isn't tested again!
77 (<1)
live-code-coverage — Generate code coverage reports on a live server

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