version — Library that helps with managing the version...

4318 (<1)
version 2.0.1 — Library that helps with managing the version number of Git-hosted PHP projects
Similar General Helpers Algorithms version
4282 (<1)
phar-io/version 2.0.1 — Library for handling version information and constraints
Similar General Helpers version
29 (<1)
laravel-git-version — A helper to get the current git version of the Laravel application
9 (<1)
type-a-number-php — Ajax-y version of the Type-a-Number challenge using PHP
123 (<1)
git — Simple PHP wrapper for Git
Similar Git
212 (<1)
zeeshanu/git-profile — Utility that helps you switch git configurations with ease.
58 (<1)
nikolaposa/version 3.1.0 — :aries: Value Object that represents a SemVer-compliant version number

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