finder — The Finder component finds files and director...

4801 (+1)
finder v4.2.0-BETA1 — The Finder component finds files and directories via an intuitive fluent interface.
Similar File System Symfony
300 (<1)
nette/finder v3.0.0-RC — Finder: find files and directories with an intuitive API.
7 (0)
magento-finder — Magento Finder extends Symfony Finder component and finds Magento modules; models, controllers, helpers, etc.; rewrites, cron jobs and events declared, and many more.
4 (0)
fluent-assert — Fluent interface for assertions
4 (<1)
fluent-crawler — HTTP crawler with a fluent interface
137 (<1)
finder-facade 1.2.2 — Convenience wrapper for Symfony's Finder component
172 (<1)
acf-fluent v0.4.0 — ️ A fluent interface for the Advanced Custom Fields WordPress plugin
3 (<1)
tomzx/finder — Improved, Symfony Finder compatible finder.

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