web-frameworks — Which is the fastest web framework?

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web-frameworks 2018.9.26 — Which is the fastest web framework?
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Fastest-PHP — The fastest PHP framework
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which_is_the_fastest 2018.6.12 — Which is the fastest web framework?
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Blazing-The-Framework — The fastest PHP MVC Framework . Bundled with Blazer, the fastest templating engine
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matyhtf/framework v2.0.0 — PHP advanced Web development framework. The built-in application server based on the development of swoole extension.
Similar Web Framework
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the-great-web-framework-shootout — Benchmarks and test code for The Great Web Framework Shootout [DEPRECATED -- See techempower's benchmarks instead]
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phastr — The fastest security-first (NoMVC) framework for the web
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silverstripe-framework — SilverStripe Framework, the MVC framework that powers SilverStripe CMS
Similar Web Framework SilverStripe

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