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FruityWifi_Module_Bluepand — A bluetooth PAN module for FruityWifi

Some additional repos to consider:
whosin-hack — Whos In? is an app that uses a mobile devices MAC address (obtained via WiFi connection to a router or other WiFi access point) or bluetooth low energy beacons to determine if someone is in the office or not - can be used to reflect a salesmans presence on the sales floor at a store, car dealership or show stand (or possibly even conference). The output from Whos In? can be used to power a display board such as a connected TV etc, resulting in a gallery of staff pictures with an appropriate “in” or “out” image indicating status. Based on my two problems since joining Talis. ‘Who is in when’ and ‘missing my train’. My idea was just to use the google calendars but Russell’s idea above has a little more ambition :)
Blobble — A service that scrobbles to everyone found via bluetooth in the area. Passive scrobbling of the music around you.
bluetooth-fct — Bluetooth Functional Test Suite
Bluetooth-scanner — Bluetooth device (BLE or not) scanner for Jeedom home automation Framework

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