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zephir — Zephir is a compiled high level language aimed to the creation of C-extensions for PHP
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online-examination-systen-in-php — Online Examination System Today Online Examination System has become a fast growing examination method because of its speed and accuracy. It is also needed less manpower to execute the examination. Almost all organizations now-a-days, are conducting their objective exams by online examination system, it saves students time in examinations. Organizations can also easily check the performance of the student that they give in an examination. As a result of this, organizations are releasing results in less time. It also helps the environment by saving paper. According to today’s requirement, online examination project in php is very useful to learn it. What is an online examination system? In an online examination system examine get their user id and password with his/her admit card. This id is already saved in the examination server. When examine login to the server he/she get his/her profile already register. On the certain time examine gets the message to start the examination. All answers given by examine are saved into the server with his/her profile information. Online examination system also allows to correct the answer if the examine needed to change any answer in the examination time duration, however, after the time duration any change will not allow. This also makes c checking the answer easy and error proof as computers are more accurate than man and provide fast results too. Php is a web base language so we can create an online examination system in PHP. Administrator of Online Examination has multiple features such as Add, Delete, Update Topics and Question. To Login as Admin put inside your browser "http://www.applicationname/admin" The user will automatically get the updated version by logging using the user ID and Password provided at the time of registration. No need of reprinting,appearance,vigilance and the job is done. Online examination system features Login system must be present and secured by password. Ability to save the answer given by the candidate along with the question. Answer checking system should be available. Could Update Profile Log out after the over. Admin Panel Project objective: Online examination system is a non removable examination pattern of today’s life. We need more time saving and more accurate examination system as the number of applicants is increasing day by day. For all IT students and professionals, it is very important to have some basic understanding about the online examination system. On this site you will get source code with the running project. It will help you to understand the concept of the project. Here you find project in php free download. Brief overview of the technology: Front end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript HTML: HTML is used to create and save web document. E.g. Notepad/Notepad++ CSS : (Cascading Style Sheets) Create attractive Layout JavaScript: it is a programming language, commonly use with web browsers. Back end: PHP, MySQL PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is a technology that allows software developers to create dynamically generated web pages, in HTML, XML, or other document types, as per client request. PHP is open source software. MySQL: MySql is a database, widely used for accessing querying, updating, and managing data in databases. Software Requirement(any one) WAMP Server XAMPP Server MAMP Server LAMP Server Installation Steps 1. Download zip file and Unzip file on your local server. 2. Put this file inside "c:/wamp/www/" . 3. Database Configuration Open phpmyadmin Create Database named quiz_new. Import database quiz_new.sql from downloaded folder(inside database) 4. Open Your browser put inside "http://localhost/Online_exam_New/" 5. To Login as admin put "http://localhost/Online_exam_New/admin" Admin Login Details Login Id: admin@a
client_lib — Workbooks API language bindings (PHP, C#, Java, Ruby, VBA). Workbooks' API is metadata-driven so these do not need to change often and API changes are always backward-compatible. We are proud that code written to our API in 2011 continues to be work and be supported.
aophp — AOPHP is an aspect oriented PHP web app platform. The system takes an oppinonated software approach where the final object is created &amp; all needed objects are created until the core &amp; final object is created. This is done through interfaces, inheritance, &amp; eventually traits. Right now PHP is the only natively supported language though in the future other languages will be supported. This will happen as I continues to work on my aspect oriented programming layer to C. My working title for this language, compiler, &amp; tools is "Aspects-We-C". It works &amp; compiles similarly to how Vala implement object oriented programming in C. I am still a long way off from having a functional "Aspects-We-C" compiler so for now all I have publicly available is AOPHP. I am working on a lot of features in AOPHP. It requires PHP 5.3 &amp; will soon require PHP 6, as soon as traits are implemented. Far more details on AOPHP can be found by looking at my commit logs than I could possible write here. Especially going forward.
formula — The javascript, php, and c# formula language parser
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