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gravity-forms-javascript-validation — Enable front end javascript validation for your Gravity Forms
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Some additional repos to consider:
laravel-jsvalidation 2.2.3 — Laravel 5 Javascript Validation
Similar Laravel
JsFormValidatorBundle — The Javascript validation for Symfony 2 and 3 forms
js_validate — CakePHP Plugin - Convert model validation rules to JavaScript and apply on the frontend using jQuery
pajama — A PHP model validator compatible with the jQuery Validation plugin that allows for shared validation rules (in JSON) between JavaScript and PHP.
ARIA-compliant-javascript-php-contact-form — A very accessible form that uses both client and server-side validation, with a kick ass design to boot.
javascript-contact-form — Simple but flexible ajax based contact form with server side validation.
heels-commerce — heels commerce - Dynamic, database‐driven using HTML/CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, PHP and MySQL and Paypal Sandbox. Database is well defined into different table with various categories including product, image with multiple image options, customer/login table, and product inventory/size tables using a relational database. The administrator role can store and insert new inventory, update, and delete products Multiple Images with Zoom system: The challenge for users who shop online is not being able to touch the product, so this website is designed with multiple images/angles to help the client have the best all-around visual aspect of products Checkout System: Simple one-step selectable actions facilitate the user experience and avoid frustration from repetitive selections or lengthy forms to fill out Login and Registration: The login and registration system, with validation and automatic login after registering is completed, is used to track user purchases and shipping information which ensures faster checkouts Auto-Complete Search Function Slider for Promotion Cart System with Add, Remove, Empty Cart Functionality PayPal Sandbox API Payment: This solves the problem of security and trust for transactions End-to-End Full E-commerce Website Development and Deployment
higrid — php jqgrid!jqGrid is an Ajax-enabled JavaScript control that provides solutions for representing and manipulating tabular data on the web, the purpose of this plugin is to help in fully structuring server-side queries for use with a client-side jqGrid. Easily handle ajax, dynamic queries, server-side validation/sorting/paging/formatting, and more.

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