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jslist — Linked List implementation in JavaScript
linked list

Some additional repos to consider:
df-style-linked-list_wordpress-plugin — WordPress plugin to make your blog's RSS feed behave more like Daring Fireball. To use, set the custom field "linked_list_url" to the desired location on a link post. In your RSS feed, the following will happen: (i) the permalink becomes the link destination; (ii) the actual permalink to your post is inserted as a star glyph at the end of your post; (iii) a star glyph is added to before your non-linked-list post titles. Also provides functions to customise your design by checking if the item is a linked list item, getting a permalink with glyph, etc.
WP-Linkblog — Filters the permalinks of WordPress posts to look for a link URL and sets that as the permalink for posts. Inspired by Daring Fireball's linked list.
php-linked-list — My implementation of a Linked List class in PHP

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