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mibew v3.2.1 — Mibew Messenger - open-source live support application
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Some additional repos to consider:
livehelperchat — Live Helper Chat - live support for your website. Featuring web and desktop clients. Compatible Windows, Linux, Mac. Desktop client powered by QT. Supports Telegram, Twilio, Facebook messenger.
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hipsupport — HipSupport is a Laravel 4 package that facilitates the creation of a live chat support system ontop of HipChat's API.
livesupport — WHMCS Addon Live Support
LiveHelperChat/telegram — This extension allow have support for telegram bot support directly in Live Helper Chat. It support sound messages, images, files. You can also use Telegram as support client :)
XboxLiveStatus — Checks the Xbox LIVE Support page for any Xbox LIVE Service Alerts, and posts a tweet if there is a Service Alert
Xenon-Support-Center — Xenon Support Center is clean and minimal tickets and conversations management system .It have been crafted for real-world situations , You can create companies , customers , operators and departments . Each department can have a department admin . To easily customize emails we have also integrated mailchimp templating so you can pair plain emails to mailchimp designer . Emails takes up time to compose and send so we have also integrated mailgun support . It contains 50 levels of permissions between admin , department admin and operator . It is full fledged suite for Tickets and Live Chat management

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