PHP libraries

141 (+8)
directus/api v2.0.0-rc.1 — [Beta] Directus 7 API wrapper for custom SQL databases
60 (+6)
soluble-mediatools 0.7.7 — MediaTools for PHP (ffmpeg video conversion, thumbnailing...)
10 (+6)
5069 (+4)
server — ️ Nextcloud server, a safe home for all your data
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81 (+3)
search-server 1.0.0-BETA1 — :star: Our core search API repository
3800 (+2)
PhpSpreadsheet 1.4.0 — A pure PHP library for reading and writing spreadsheet files
Similar Excel
4313 (+2)
laravel-admin v1.5.18 — Build a full-featured administrative interface in ten minutes
Similar Laravel Admin Interfaces DB Admin UI
14071 (+2)
SecLists 1.3 — SecLists is the security tester's companion. It's a collection of multiple types of lists used during security assessments, collected in one place. List types include usernames, passwords, URLs, sensitive data patterns, fuzzing payloads, web shells, and many more.
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198 (+2)
BackwardCompatibilityCheck 1.1.0 — :ab: Tool to compare two revisions of a class API to check for BC breaks
13483 (+2)


    17 hours ago
    Skosmos (Reached 100 ⭐)
    Thesaurus and controlled vocabulary browser using SKOS and SPARQL
    15 hours ago
    IPTools (Reached 100 ⭐)
    PHP Library for manipulating network addresses (IPv4 and IPv6)
    14 hours ago
    spiderling (Reached 50 ⭐)
    Browse html pages with php, selenium and phantomjs
    3 hours ago
    paymentwall-php (Reached 50 ⭐)
    Paymentwall PHP Library
    8 hours ago
    event-store-symfony-bundle (Reached 50 ⭐)
    Event Store Symfony Bundle
    22 hours ago
    TextAtAnyCost (Reached 50 ⭐)
    Old PHP scripts to read text content from different binary formats: PDF, DOC, PPT, RTF (not binary) etc.
    12 hours ago
    Laravel-OAuth-and-Socialite (Reached 50 ⭐)
    16 hours ago
    progpilot (Reached 50 ⭐)
    A static analysis tool for security
    20 hours ago
    soluble-mediatools (Reached 50 ⭐)
    MediaTools for PHP (ffmpeg video conversion, thumbnailing...)
    7 hours ago
    mango-repo (Reached 25 ⭐)
    :peach: Repository Pattern for Laravel 5 made simple.
    10 hours ago
    Post-SMTP (Reached 25 ⭐)
    Next generation SMTP mailer plugin for WordPress
    3 hours ago
    php-upwork (Reached 25 ⭐)
    PHP bindings for Upwork API
    18 hours ago
    seeders (Reached 25 ⭐)
    Database seeders for our laravel applications
    22 hours ago
    InstagramLive-PHP (Reached 25 ⭐)
    A PHP script that allows for you to go live on Instagram with any streaming program that supports RTMP!
    58 minutes ago
    php-fpm-status-cli (Reached 25 ⭐)
    PHP-FPM status-page CLI

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